The Absolute Sound, March 2004— AVt 1 Speaker Cable

This review was originally published in The Absolute Sound in February/March 2004.
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Loudspeaker Cable Survey, Part One

Music Interface Technologies™ AVt 1 ($500 per 8-foot pair)

Perhaps canted ever so slightly toward the Yang, the MIT AVt 1 exhibits one of the most neutral tonal balances of any cable I've heard, and numbers among its many other virtues a grip and control that equals, maybe even surpasses, the reference. The Bitter Ballads' presentation was extremely smooth and nonfatiguing, albeit with an impression of slightly less bloom and sense of liveliness that the 8TC. The same virtues extend to the Jacintha disc, but with greater openness. On the uptempo "Something's Gotta Give," which requires as much control as possible, the MIT's projection of the ensemble into the room was altogether remarkable, and its snap and bite, in the best sense of those words, were well nigh irresistible. On the orchestral discs, the MIT again exhibited a supreme grip over the demanding material, zeroing in on breathtaking detail amid the wide, deep soundstage, the precision of the imaging especially notable. Murray Perahia's Bach the MIT handled better, livelier, more in the room, and noticeably more neutral sounding. As is obvious, this cable made a strong impression on me. In addition to its other virtues, it suggest outstanding purity and cleanliness, with the blackest backgrounds of my first group. There is something absolutely, rivetingly convincing about this cable's performance in my system that overwhelms any incidental reservations I've expressed.

Paul Seydor and Neil Gader