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Oracle V1.2 Speaker Interface

Oracle V1.2 Speaker Interface

Once again, MIT has redefined state-of-the-art in speaker cable performance and aesthetics. This year, MIT adds seventeen additional poles of articulation—a total of 60 poles (Wide) or 76 poles (Ultra-Wide) to help redefine the 2C3D sound stage and imaging ability of the Oracle V1.2. The new V1.2 is completely modular, fully upgradable and fully customizable. The hallmark Oracle performance characteristics are all readily apparent; rich detailed imaging, precise powerful bass, clean highs without grain or edginess. The new V1.2 produces increased tonal complexity that retains a rich overtone and harmonic structure within a large three dimensional soundstage. This via recent improvements involving two proprietary MIT 2C3D technologies: SIT(r) (Stable Image Technology) and JFA(r) (Jitter Free Analog).

Sold in pairs.

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