Where to Buy MIT Cables

Ultra Systems

(215) 862-6570 phone
127 Union Square
New Hope, PA  18938
Company Biography:
In conjunction with our Cable Company affiliate (the world's leading retailer of specialty audio cables, powerline products and resonance control specialists), we are THE system matching specialists for high performance music and video systems. In addition to the above products handled by our wholesale division, we offer superior products from the world's finest manufacturers of home audio / video components including: Acoustic Energy, Arcam, AudioSpace, BAT, Benchmark, CAT, Clearaudio, Denon, EAR, Esoteric, Fanfare FM, Harmonic Resolution Systems "HRS", Hyperion, Lamm, Lector, Merlin, NAD, NuForce, PSB, Rega, Reference 3a, Revel, Rogue, Triad, VPI, and many more.